Your home, your style: Tips for home furnishing

Whether it’s vintage villa or clean minimalist domicile: in your home you make the world like you like it. Between Swedish furniture, vintage and designer pieces, it offers plenty of space for individuality. We have put together five decoration and furnishing tips for a nice living, which can be done without much effort and give your personality space (or wall). Try it out and modify it, because your style is as unique as you are.

1) Let walls speak volumes
Transform a wall into your own personal gallery by arranging photos, prints, magazine excerpts, concertposters, drawings, postcards, and other eye-catching collages. If you are unsure, start with three to five pictures and try out on the floor first, which arrangement is the most consistent before you hang up. Five easy-to-implement ideas on how to bring art to your walls can be found in our poster hanging tutorial.
2) Clear structure
Particularly in small or open-designed apartments, color creates more structure by dividing the space into different areas. How about a design wallpaper or a color statement?
Even with carpets or furniture you can create different living areas. The more neutral the base of your furniture, the easier it is to use color or pattern themes, such as “Ethno”, “Metallic” or “Maritim” play and always put new accents.
3) Try it with comfort
Living textiles such as, blankets or curtains spread well-being and make your home a private comfort zone. Art can be soooo cozy – look at our bed sheets or pillows. A recurring color keeps different patterns and textures visually together. And even the most bland bath experiences a colorful miracle with a new shower curtain.
4) Light up the mood
Light is a real mood-maker: Use a number of light sources spread over the room, creating an individual atmosphere and bringing light into the dark, for example at the desk, at the bathroom mirror or above the work surface in the kitchen.

With green plants you bring nature into the house: the sight of plants has a soothing effect and makes your home more lively. Cut flowers, cacti or succulents are a good choice for all with less green thumbs. And if you really have a black hole, you can still get printed botany into the house.
5) Less = more
The “Less is more” principle helps to perceive deco accents as such and not to be flooded by stimuli. For a more tidy room effect, leave things that you do not constantly need or create unnecessary restlessness in boxes or baskets. Restless content in open shelves can also be hidden behind a curtain.

In order to give the space more personality, you can easily convert things you like to the decor – such as your favorite shoes, which are displayed on floor shelves instead of simply messy around. (Few) bizarre finds or beloved memorabilia can be grouped into a changing mini exhibition.

Regular mucking does not allow chaos to arise. Our Losing Tip: Pack everything you think is “possibly superfluous” into a crate. If you have not used the things in the next four weeks and have not missed them,
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